I was recently listening to the song “Come as You Are” by Christian singer Crowder.  It’s not a new song, and we have sung it during worship, but the words are still

very powerful.  This song represents what Celebrate Recovery is all about.  The song talks about coming to the Lord as you are, in the very moment problems and all.

Bring all your struggles, burdens, bad habits, and addictions to the Lord, our God just as they are.  Bring your anger, frustration, hurts, anxieties, pain, and sickness to

Him and lay it down at the altar.  Anything and everything bring forward to him.


It is so easy to walk into a room, a church, or even your own house and tell others that everything is great, fine, or okay.  But God doesn’t want us to do that.  He

wants us to share with him the good the bad and the ugly. Share   Our most painful things or even our darkest secret or things we don’t talk about to anyone.

One of the things that are most special about Celebrate Recovery is having people with whom you can share your struggles.  Everyone has them but everyone

doesn’t share them with others.  Some people are afraid to even share with God all their hurts and struggles.  I have had so much healing from just being able to share

with God honestly about everything I am going through.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I also attend Celebrate Recovery to hear other people’s struggles and share

my own with others.  I hope my sharing helps other people just as other people help me with their sharing.


I encourage everyone to really listen closely to the words of the song, Come as You Are by Crowder, and apply it to your life!  Pour out everything to the Lord all the

pain you’re going through and even the joy that you have in your life. Also, find people to share all your burdens with.  Don’t keep them locked up inside tearing you

down.   Share with Other people so they can pray for you.  Share with God so you can get healing and comfort.

~ Matt Smith